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Category: Strategy

Avoid the spikes, touch the green square to win. If you die you restart. Good luck! Left arrow= leftRight arrow= rightUp arrow= jump
Progress through level by moving and touching the green square. Avoid the red spikes. If you touch the red spikes, you will start at the very beginning. You are guaranteed to resta [...]
Move the blue cart beside a green item and pick it. Aim to pick all of the items on the screen and then return using the fewest moves. [W,A,S,D] , [Arrow keys] - Movement[Spacebar] [...]
It's just a maze....seriously. It's just a maze Move the character by using the ARROW KEYS, and collect coins and buttons to get to the end
Grab the treasure while avoiding the shark move around using the ARROW KEYS
Move the blue pick cart and pick all green items on the screen using the fewest moves possible and then return. This games requires good planning. [w,a,s,d] or [arrow keys] - movem [...]
et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et et up arrow: jumpleft/right arrows: move
Move the blue cart using the arrow or WASD keys, press space when you are next to a green item to pick it. Collect all the items on the screen and return in the minimum moves possi [...]
A turn-based battle thing I made. Might become a full RPG someday (probably not). Arrow keys to move, mouse to select options during battle.Pro tip: Some enemies are particularly w [...]
Увлекательная стратегия с элементами кровожадного боя и войны. У вас одна цель - убить врага всеми возможными способами. Много оружий и шапок, которые пригодятся в бою. Множество у [...]

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